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Adams Sheet Metal Ducting and Ducting Services

ASM Ltd offer a wide range of ductwork components and are the UK’s only complete manufacturer of quick assembly clipped ducting and our fast clip products are in use in a wide variety of ducting applications all over the world.

Being the only UK complete ducting manufacturer of quick assembly ductwork ensures we deliver and assemble speedily yet always efficiently to ensure your production / profits are sustained to the maximum.

A full extensive range of flexible ductwork is also kept in stock for all applications

Our investment in product development, state of the art ductwork  manufacturing facilities and highly experienced staff allows us to respond to even the most demanding ducting projects rapidly and effectively.
More information on Dust Extraction Quick Assembly Ducting QUICK ASSEMBLY Modular Ducting

Whether your application calls for light to heavy gauge ductwork, 100mm to  1000mm diameter duct, or moderate to severe.

 Whether your application calls for light to heavy gauge, 100mm to  1000mm diameter duct, or moderate to severe process criteria,      clipped. ducting makes the right product for you.
Adams Sheet Metal can supply ducting in galvanised, galvaneal (for paint and powder coating), stainless steel (304 and 316) and aluminium.

Quick Assembly clamped ducting is a modular ducting system available in a range of standard sizes in 1250mm lengths.

The system is complete with bends, blast gate dampers, reducing cones, branch pieces – all joined with lock rings (clips).   The use of lock rings creates a sealed join and reduces installation time to almost half that of conventional methods of ducting.

ASM Ltd is best known for its straight ducts and bends, but we can produce a wide range of ducting parts and accessories.   Quick Assembly clipped ductwork comes in diameters ranging from 100mm-500mm and we make all the branches, adapters and transitions.
Ducting Suplies
Adams Sheet Metal can also produce custom parts such as machine hoods, fixing brackets, light fabrications, etc.  We also offer flanged ducting up to 1000mm in diameter as standard.

Whether your application calls for light ducting  or heavy gauge duct, moderate to severe process criteria, we have the right product for the job.

Our experienced staff are ready to assist you in ensuring the selection of the right ducting product to suit your particular application and offer advice on installation.

Alternatively you can send your specifications to us and we will provide solutions for easy installation and secure clamping of your system.

Your order will be processed by our sales personnel ensuring you receive your components on time, first time, every time. 

So call Adam Sheeet Metal now because maintaining your production / profits are important to us.


Because we are a service industry supplying the contracting sector, we realise that speed and quality are of prime importance and it is with this in mind that we offer a 24 hour turnaround service if required. We also provide a hotline number for any emergency requirements which may occur, outside normal office hours, to enable an installation to be completed on time (details available upon request).


In response to growing demand and customer interest we now stock an even greater range of products allied to the range of industries that we serve such as:
 * Agricultural market
 * Brewing
 * Carbon industry
 * Foundries
 * Furniture industry
 * Paper
 * Pharmaceutical
 * Tyre production
 * Woodworking

                                            Rapid Assembly Superior Strength Ducting
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