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Dust Extraction System Design and Duct Specifications

Dust obviously needs to be controlled for health and safety reasons, but there are other good reasons too. The hidden effects of dust can mean high maintenance costs to keep working areas efficient and may even lead to low morale amongst operators, high manpower turnover and low productivity. A clean dust free workplace using one of our dust extraction systems can cure these problems, and as a bonus, can portray an image of quality to prospective customers.
dust extraction filters
dust extraction system

Poor workshop layout leads to excessive duct lengths and numerous ducting bends. This decreases the efficiency of the system and may lead to increased noise levels at some workstations. Ad hoc extensions to dust extraction systems should be avoided. No additional extraction points should be added unless the system is known to have the necessary extra capacity

dust extraction filter

Our consultant engineer, with over 30 years’ experience designing dust extraction systems that meet current regulations for COSHH, EPA and ATEX, is available to give advice on selecting a full dust extraction system or ductwork modifications to an existing system.

dust extraction filter
dust extractio filter dust extraction filter
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