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ABOUT Adams Sheet Metal Ducting                                    Established 1992

Adams Sheet Metal is a family owned quick assembly clipped ducting manufacturing and installation business but with the highly professional philosophy that excellent customer service and quality duct products are the highest priority goals for a ductwork company.

Adapting to an existing System

There may be cases where you want to apply Quick Assembly Duct to an existing dust extraction system. ASM Ltd makes adapters for this purpose. These can be provided in flanged to rolled edge style to pick existing flanged duct systems (please specify I/Dia, O/Dia, number and dia of holes and P.C.D.), or by plain end to rolled edge style to fit inside or outside existing or spiral wound duct.

Collapsibility Strength of Q.A Ducting

Each size of ducting has been tested for strength against collapsing.

The ducting was exposed to constant positive pressure and constant vacuum. Each duct was exposed to a maximum capacity of the test equipment of 40” WG of vacuum and positive pressure. None of the duct showed any form of deformation during the test

Adams sheet metal duct works
Duct and fittings must be installed in accordance with ASM Ltd’s standard specifications and normal good workmanship practices.

All our Q.A. Clipped duct systems are equipped with a rolled collar at both ends that serves as a clipping edge for the Q.A. clip. This results in tight joints and, combined with the smooth internal finish producing low transitional resistance, ensures that the Q.A. System is ideal for pneumatic transport of material. Ease of assembly and re-assembly makes this the ideal system when re-siteing machinery, thus cutting possible costly down-time.

24 Hour Turnaround

Because we are a service industry supplying ducting to the contracting sector, we realise that speed and quality are of prime importance in ensuring your company remains in a profit stream and it is with this in mind that we offer a 24 hour turnaround service if required.

We also provide a hotline number for any emergency requirements which may occur, outside normal office hours, to enable an installation to be completed on time (details available upon request).

In response to growing demand and customer interest we now stock an even greater range of products allied to the range of industries that we serve such as:
  • Agricultural market
  • Brewing
  • Carbon industry
  • Foundries
  • Furniture industry
  • Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tyre production
  • Woodworking
Dust extraction ASM workshop

Duct awaiting dispatch in our works
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